As an Eclipse plugin, the typical installation procedure is via the update site.

XTypeS requires Xtext 2.


You can install XTypeS plugins directly from the update site (of course this requires Xtext 2.0 SDK):

From the update site you can also install the Examples, and the SDK (which basically contains the sources of XTypeS and of the examples).


Sources can be obtained via git (which can be browsed online); you can clone the git repository of XTypeS with the following command

git clone git://

5 Responses to Download

  1. Peter says:

    Is this supposed to work with xtext 2.0? I tried to install it but I get a lot of errors when using the project wizard or opening an xtypes file.

    • admin says:

      Hi Peter,
      I just updated the page:
      Currently XTypeS requires Xtext 1.0.x: the porting to Xtext 2 is under development.
      I hope it won’t take too much time to port it to Xtext 2 :)

    • admin says:

      OK, XTypeS has now migrated to Xtext 2 :)

  2. Ludwin says:

    Does XTypeS work with derived xtext grammers (in particular grammars derived from xbase)? I am trying to write XTypeS rules using xbase AST types but XTypes doesn’t seem to be able to resolve the names.

    • admin says:

      XTypeS can access the elements of the ecore representing the AST of your language implemented in Xtext. Currently you can specify only one ecore, but I’m working on using more than one ecore. So if you need to access Xbase elements you’ll have to use the ecore of Xbase.
      Please, feel free to email me to discuss about it.